Cooper Home & Stable

JD Cooper is a polo player and crackerjack licensed general contractor in Aiken, S.C. He is highly accomplished at building residential and equestrian facilities for a very discriminating, high-end clientele. He needed a graphical brand and complementary ad campaign that conveyed the message that he did work of the highest caliber while understanding the desires of clients whose leisure time is focused largely on equestrian pursuits.

For JD, we created Cooper Home & Stable. The name is high-end, yet earthy and tells potential equestrian clients that JD shares their perspective on the good life and can create built environments, be they homes, stables, barns or paddocks, that are exemplars of that perspective.

The ad campaign we crafted for Cooper Home & Stable expanded on this idea. Each ad featured depictions of the tools of JD’s vocational and avocational pursuits. One featured photos of a hard hat and a polo helmet, the next showed a hammer and a polo mallet and the third ad featured photos of work boots and polo boots. The attendant headlines and copy for the ads further reinforced that JD is as passionate about building quality homes and equestrian facilities as he is about his polo game, and the response to the campaign has been a boon to his ever burgeoning business in the beautiful South Carolina horse country he calls home.

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