Enron Pipeco to Cross Country Energy

In the wake of the Enron meltdown, the surviving corporate entity actually had two divisions that remained viable, ongoing businesses. They were Enron's international division, which was re-branded as Prisma Energy and Enron Pipeco, which was Enron's national pipeline holding company. Enron chose Easterly & Company to help them re-brand these divisions and Gary Easterly called me to be part of the effort.

Enron chose the name Cross Country Energy for its national pipeline holding company, and, one day during the tagline selection process, I got a call from Gary. He told me that the chairman of Cross Country Energy had personally chosen my tagline "Going the Distance" to complete the Cross Country Energy brand. With 3.5 billion dollars in annual revenues, Cross Country Energy was the largest corporate entity on which I have had a direct impact in the re-branding process, and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to work on such a significant project.

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