G&A Partners

I've been fortunate enough, through my association with Easterly & Company, to work on several projects for G&A Partners, a significant human resources consulting and outsourcing company with offices throughout Texas. G&A Partners also happens to be the largest minority-owned business in the greater Houston area. In addition to working on the re-branding of G&A, I wrote and edited the content for their website. I've also conceptualized and written several promotional pieces, brochures and print ads for this firm.

One of the efforts for G&A Partners of which I am most proud is the copy and concept that I created for a direct mail campaign that won Easterly & Company a gold medal for Best Direct Mail Campaign at the 2005 Addy Awards presented by the Houston Advertising Federation. The campaign was based on yoga, and its theme was "position yourself for success." I connected Easterly & Company with the yogis who were featured in the direct mail pieces and wrote copy that led off with eastern sounding themes that transitioned into compelling information about the client's products and services. If you visit G&A's headquarters in Houston, you'll see the photos from this campaign on the walls of their foyer waiting area.

Creating the yoga-based "position yourself for success" campaign positioned Easterly & Company to win a second Addy gold medal in as many years. Interestingly enough, not long after this direct mail campaign rolled out, G&A Partners' sales quadrupled. This unorthodox, yoga-oriented campaign helped put G&A in a position to grow, and was so successful that the company now employs yoga practitioners to do yoga at G&A's trade show booths – a shrewd move that has proven to be a real conversation starter.

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