The Truffle Pig

West Houston's Sweet Cut Ham specialized in selling honey-glazed hams and turkeys along with side dishes and sauces. The proprietors were expanding their offerings to include fully prepared meals. They were home-cooked classics, made with extra flair and special attention to top quality ingredients.

Sweet Cut Ham needed a new brand to reflect this shift in business strategy and Gary Easterly called me to help out. I came up with a concept, name and tagline that I found both inspiring and compelling for the client's target demographic, and soon, Sweet Cut Ham was transformed into The Truffle Pig – high brow, down home take out.

The client was thrilled and a Truffle Pig print ad campaign for which I created concept and copy garnered a gold medal for Easterly & Company the following year at the Houston Addy Awards. My hunch that The Truffle Pig had legs was unequivocally confirmed.

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