Enron Pipeco to CrossCountry Energy
Viable division of beleaguered, much maligned company establishes a new, distinctive identity

King Ranch Website
Legendary ranching concern creates comprehensive new website generating greatly increased hits

G&A Partners
Benefits and employee administration company uses novel theme to attract attention

OGM Land
Oil and gas mineral and surface right management company creates memorable identity for its proprietary industry software

The Truffle Pig
Retail store featuring high-quality prepared foods establishes a whimsical new identity to grow its customer base

Tropical Storm Allison Report
Government agencies require the rewriting of a technical report to make it intelligible to the general reader

Cooper Home & Stable
JD Cooper is a polo player and crackerjack licensed general contractor in Aiken, S.C. He is highly accomplished at building residential and equestrian facilities for a very discriminating, high-end clientele. He needed a graphical brand and complementary ad campaign that conveyed the message that he did work of the highest caliber while understanding the desires of clients whose leisure time is focused largely on equestrian pursuits.